Friday, November 2, 2012

From a distance

All Souls Day's eve. As always, part of the people of this city went to celebrate life  at the beach or countryside, other part is getting drunk at bars and discos, some prefered to go out to dinner and movies with dates , family or friends.
To me it's just another boring night by myself: everybody's sleeping already, as I struggle to finish another chapter of my novel. Tired of editing that pile of drafts and loose notes, I decide to take a moment of bliss by lighting up a cigarette and checking out my social networks. I can't help a smile to notice that even virtually, my social life sucks: nothing happening that it's worth to share, like or comment. My cigarette ending, I'm most likely to shut the computer and go to sleep, since there's nothing better to do...

"Whazzup, babe?" - he's asking me by the messenger, two seconds after my cigarette ends.
"Nothing. Just bored." - I answered, sincerely. But before sending the message, I erased that and wrote : "I'm watching some dirty porn".
"Good for you" - he answered. And as if he said nothing on the following  minutes, I teased: "Don't you wanna know what they are doing?"
"No." - he wrote. - "I'm more interest in what you might be doing when watching it..."
I leaned back and took a deep breathe. The big fish had bitten, and only knowing he was interested already made me aroused. Before I could notice, my hands were already caressing my breasts: I could feel it getting hotter and plump. I released them from the tight bra cups, and the cold night contrast made my nipples immediately harder.
"I'm touching myself". - I wrote. "Where?" - He asked.

My breasts. I wish you could suck it hard right now, I'd feed you as a baby while I close my eyes to enjoy the exploring movements of your hands in between my legs. My tiny little fingers are not comparative to yours, but a touch of my spicy imagination can bring you here to me.

"Go on..."

I can feel my panties getting wet. I can see the white lace get stained. I'll dip my finger in the deepest I wanted to feel yours and then suck it as a promise to what I´ll do to your hard hot cock. Tasting my pussy I crave for you to eat. Tell me more about your fantasies and desires. How bad you want to give me in the ass - a dirty bedtime story. I can't hold on anymore, I slowly slide my panties down my legs, feeling the lace softly brushing my skin.

"Ok, I have my panties off now..."

I spread my legs just to feel that pleasant expectation. There's something exciting in feeling totally vulnerable, as if you or anyone else could enter the room right now and violate me. My easy position as a moist invitation as I lead both hands to my cunt, rubbing it smoothly, letting my long nails touch my clit for a brief second. it's hard and swollen, waiting for your deep kiss I can only imagine now.

"I'd suck you so hard..!"

I threw my head back and opened my mouth a little, playing with my tongue on my lips as if I could taste your head, the moisted tip, a lustful treat. I close my eyes - I can really feel you here, your hand touching my face as I lick and suck you deep...

"Show me what you've got..."

I put a leg up to the armchair, the other one down, wide open. My tongue and lips still feast on your great dick as I feel my moisted pussy drooling, my clit pulsating, begging for being touched, the contractions are now involuntary and hard as spasms. I spreaded my cunt's lips with one hand while stroking it with the other. soft and fast as butterfly wings, as I let two fingers shallowly in and out. I feel the juice dripping to my asshole and moaned.
"You can sit on my lap."- and it was totally my fantasy begging for that. The image of him sitting on that very chair as I guided his cock straight to my ass played in my head as the hardcore porn movie I pretended to be watching. All filled up I was riding him while he squeezed my boobs with one hand and raped my pussy with the other, biting my neck and my ear, teasing me with dirty words and sexy purrs. I finger myself to the limit, and when I feel it coming, I shove one finger to my asshole. I 'm shaking, my tits are bouncing, one touch and I am to explode.

"Do you like it..?"

It was the memory of your voice that triggered that hurricane it in a way I couldn't avoid anymore. I had to cover my own mouth to suffocate a scream that my throat couldn't hold back. I was cumming and squirting and the feeling of the moist coming out only drove me even crazier. I had to bite my hands not to wake up the whole neighbourhood. About no less than ten seconds later, I felt like a mermaid hit by a transatlantic. And it took me a whole lot of minutes until my heartbeat was stabilized and I could open my eyes to read your most recent inbox message

"...are you still there?"

Yes, I am, my love. And, believe me, so were you.

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