Monday, November 19, 2012

Been thinking about it...

Yes, unfortunatedly, I'm only an human. A girl with a weak for the lust. I used to describe myself as a conservative person when it comes to sex, as the opposite to "promiscuous". But it wasn't really the best translation. I'm a "straight edge" kind of kinky. And I get better the more I get intimate.
But any of those who can read this, knows my mind is not so shy and selective and I am in behaviour. I have a little of common sense left, still. As Holden Caulfield would say 'probably in my mind I'm the biggest sexual perv there has ever been'.
And this story of threesome kinda got stuck in my mind. I dunno if I got to share a life with pretty weird people, or if this has always been something pretty "normal", and I am the one who was missing it all. I mean, this is pretty common on the porn movies and stuff, but it´s kind of shocking to me to find out a lot of people I know have been through this situation, both guys and girls.
I have this girl friend I've been knowing for some time, and I guess she would be quite a partner. I dunno why, but I have this impression she must be the right company for a moment like this. But still, I was wondering, how do you invite someone for a menage? *laughs*

I remember one day me and this girl were talking about sex. We always do, actually. She was present that day I started telling how I got to cum only by being penetrated, for example, and I bet big time it was one of us that started this penis subject. And I was already drunk and started to talk about Mr. Red's great deeds. And this friend doubted me. "It can't be that big."
-And good..! - I took another sip of my beer. - Really, I was so stupid I didn't film that. When I told him this he said he wouldn't mind. Damn me that wasn't daring enough to ask. I just figure he would hate, as I know he hates cameras...
-You say you hate cameras too! - my friend laughed - And you just said you would like to shoot a porn with him.
-I will... next time, you bet.
- Good, and then you show me for me to believe how good this guy is..!

Well, I guess it would be pretty convenient to ask her to film us, then. It would be very nice opportunity to make a better movie than that "Blair Witch" kind of porn, and prove her once and for all how good is the good stuff I'm talking about. It can't be a bad idea. I just have to get us three an opportunity and be sure there's a full charged camera around. I can figure the whole scene: we'll be drinking somewhere when I'll start to make out hard with Mr. Red in front of her. And ask her to film it.  I want great close ups, specially when I'm sucking him. And when he's fucking me in the ass. Really, I bet it looks as great as it feels to have that all inside me. And I want to see my face when he´s eating my pussy, eyes closed, with his face between my legs. And the idea of someone else filming it is something that makes me excited and shy, but I guess with a friend it would be more comfortable. And she´s sexy. I can imagine we both licking his cock, and I guess he'd like it.

I can almost taste it already...

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