Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hammy's day off

Hello audience! How's everybody feeling today? I had quite a pleasant holiday, if I may say so, because at least, I didn't have to work. I hate my job, you know. I don't think they pay enough money to have my sanity in exchange. Not that I have too much of it, but enough to keep me from signing my own demission before getting my Christmas bonus.
Today I decided I won't write about sex. This have been my only subject for a week or more, and noticed that this blogs accesses are getting lower. I don't want to bore you all with my lack of sexual life. Of course, because if I was doing that allright, hell I wouldn't be wasting time writing about it.
And to celebrate the last day of the year that I will have any kind of relaxing, we had a family barbecue. You know, I don't really understand why people still barbecue on the microwave era. Only if it is to make your lunch difficult, so you´ll have more time to drink beer while preparing it.
And now I should be concentrated on my novel. It's coming out pretty good, and I´m really enjoying writing it. I would publish a few lines here for your appreciation, but I think it would ruin the surprise. You will all be surprised when I finally finish my novel, even I will be surprised I didn't get bored on it before I can write the ending. You all will love the ending, I´m pretty sure of it .
Until then, have a nice life. It´s raining oceans here and the thunders are saying I should turn off the computer before an eletric discharge burns it. Stay cool, play safe, and don't forget to brush your teeth right after the meals!

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