Sunday, November 25, 2012


You know when you read something aleatory somewhere, but that somehow stuck to your mind, and become a matter of philosophy to analyze that question..? Well, this been happening to me, around the social media sharing options, on porn sites. And some guy made notice how much we get to know about one's personality, just observing the kind of porn he or she likes.

        I guess I agree on that. But it depends also on what you´re looking for in porn. And I'd say there is plenty of stuff it's pretty acceptable and still people think it´s freak, while a bunch of really sick stuff is becoming pretty sociably acceptable.
         I think that a couple who's in sync to enjoy sex together should not be ashamed of doing it , true. But I think a normal people wouldn't think it's any sexy to eat poo or get especially aroused when seeing a gangbang with people dressed as Smurfs whistling "Sing a Happy Song". This last is just pretty fucking hilarious, and the first it's just sick.

       Yesterday I saw a very loose girl being pussy and ass stretched. Thats something weird to watch. she's so worn out it's scary. On the other hand I imagine how relaxed and enjoying she must be. She must have been fucked hard a lot to be like that. It gives me this naughty chill of seeing the guy easily pushing in and pulling out his quite thick dick from her ass, because it was a huge gap, maybe one step too far outside the sexy parameter. At least the parameter to look good on video. Other interesting thing is the "Big Cock Riding - Vol. 2" . All point of view movie clips, subtitled (in case you have to watch it muted) , featuring nice looking dick fucking nice looking pussy. Nothing too over, just plain good real life fucks. I think it works. Oh, yeah, and I wrote the name of the movie with underlined blue font just to wonder how many readers will think it's a link. No, I won't click on the "share" button on the pornsite...yet.

        I don't think, though, anyone would judge me for the porn I share any more than would for the porn I write. Especially with the pinch of reality I always provide my stories. Like tailor made porn I can't produce, but I can write the screenplay. Besides, I don't think it makes a lot of sense to believe I don't already share some my sexual preferences just in writing this much about it. And I like to believe this doesn't make me a bad person.

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