Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is it me?

Ok, I know I've been through this subject before, but truly: I dunno whether I get mad or sad about the behaviour of some people I used to actually take as friends, good friends even. To begin with, Facebook fold out a completely new side of some persons I used to think I knew. It's admirable to notice how much you can find out about some dudes just observing what they like or share, even without commenting a word.
But this guy drove me out of limits:  it´s been some time that he's been commenting and liking my stuff, okay, but never sent an inbox before. It's one of the mates from the old times who I used to have on high account, even because he always treated me politely. Well, this guy sent me an inbox message while I was actually working at the office. I usually leave my facebook open to check out and interact every now and then, but hardly keep on inbox conversations during worktime. He is married and have a little kid, and started the conversation asking me how I was doing, since he knew my marriage was broken and stuff, and then he started telling me about how his marriage was going wrong.

I thought the guy was in need to open up, have some friendly counseling or something like it, so I gave him my professional skype id, so I could give him a little more attention without completely loose my working focus.

Then, he started insisting about having a conference, I said I couldn't, I was working, and kept on the conversation about marriage. He started then telling me how many times he cheated on his wife to have sex with teenage girls, and worse - he actually was blaming it on his wife, for "she doesn't give him sex enough, and a girl who denies sex for so long is asking for that". I dunno how I still dared to ask for how long. He said "two weeks".

It may be only my opinion, but I don't think anything justifies cheating, but a fail of the cheater - it can be weakness, opportunity, a vulnerable moment, a love unexpected, too much drugs in the brains or even pure simple mischievousness  (or douchebagging). Still, it can't be the other's fault. Not even if the other cheated first: break it or forgive it, but to fight fire with fire still says more about you than about him / her.

Anyway, things got worse: the guy asked me for my phone number and invited me to have a beer sometime. I thanked politely and didn't lie when I said I haven't been finding time even to drink water properly. And the idiot said "Uh, no need to be scared, I won't try to force you to have sex with me or anything". I said  "Glad to know." and he said "You will give yourself voluntarily". I wrote that I doubted that, for I was taken, and he said I wouldn't be able to resist him.

Truly, even if he wasn't the butt ugly married bastard that he is, my answer wouldn't be no different: "Baby, I'm sorry, but I'm faithful to my feelings and my principles, and if I say I consider myself taken, it's because I have found the best lover in this world for me and it's not a matter of resistance, but of choice."
Happened next is that HE became pretty offended and said "Gee, I don't even know why you gave me your contacts, then. I'm outta here, I'm wasting time."

Really. What do fuckers like this  thinks I am? I which moment of my life I gave room to be taken as such a bitch that would take this kind of proposal? I like sex, I looove sex and I am not ashamed of say so, but I missed the point where it gives anyone the right of disrespect me or anyone else because of it. Okay, it's not as I had never went out with a guy who had a girlfriend - GIRLFRIEND, not a wife and kids - and if it's any excuse at all, I was really in love. And even then, I don't think I'd be able  to keep any good feelings for a guy who thinks it´s well done to cheat because his girl don't gives him sex for two weeks when conversation, breaking up, a clear warning, maybe even a fight could be a better way.

I dunno. It's just me. Who am I to judge this guy for what he does to his own life. What I am really pissed about is his attitude concerning me. Besides, I'm truly amazed how vain he could be. "I wouldn't resist"...*lol*. I bet his dick is tinier than his brains.

And I know what I'm worthy of.

And this is the much this matter will have from me. 'nuff said.

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