Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today came to my sexy immagination one funny question: How many people that read an erotic tale, actually imagine that the author might be masturbating while writing it?

           I guess I watched a porn movie on this matter once. It was about a woman that wrote erotic tales, and each tale she was narrating, there was a whole scene performance to illustrate it. The tales and the direction was crappy, but the costumes and idea were pretty nice.I guess I can consider myself an erotic writer too, and I know how a scene appears to my mind everytime I am describing my thoughts here. It´s a kind of fetish, indeed.

Well, it's more like sunday morning than saturday night already, and I´m wide awake. I bet this "night shift" I have been doing  fucked up my maybe I can take time to write something that will inspire me to cum too. Afterall, I'm alone in my room, and decided to enjoy the night drinking a glass of fine champagne and writing some erotica fantasy on something I'd like to be doing with him, but I'll be doing to myself and my dildo. Maybe dildos were the first virtual reality machines. It's incredible how almost instantly as I turn mine, I seem to be anywhere else.

I'm shy enough to walk slowly and miss the crowded elevator, but tonight  I'm going to be a pornstar. I put some heavy make up on, dark coloured eyeshadow, flaming red lips, volumous hairdo, cheap jewelry, huge heels and brazilian wax. And Mr. Red will be the actor to go on this scene with me.  He could fuck me under the spotlights or backstage just for fun. I'd have it both ways. He could make a movie with the mobile phone: I´d still be his pornstar.

Now I feel my pussy is wet and  gently touch it with my fingers to taste if I can slide the dildo in a little bit. When I was getting prepared to write, I had it between my boobs, so it feels warm and comfortable. And that remembers me of when he's fucking my tits, that would swallow his entire cock to end up in my open mouth, so I could taste a bit of his flavour. I decide to suck the dildo -turned off, sure - just to  remember at least one bit of what it is to have his dick on my mouth. I have a pearl white vibrator in my pussy, and in my mind I have his cock fucking me slowly to madness.

I´ll pretend my naughty finger that is teasing me in the ass is his. And soon it will become his cock too. I shove the long dildo upon my butt, while I dream about having his meat in my ass seeing a view from a luxury beach house, where - back to the story- we were filming that day. Again, we're pornstars. It would be our first scene together, we heard about each other, but had never met. "It's something quite common to a porn actress, to have the first interaction with men by having sex with then." 

"He had already seen me in action that day. When he arrived, I was shooting a girl on girl scene, and he stopped to watch. I took a look and he was so hot, I wanted him to be extra teased when he got to fuck me. He watched the scene to the end, and whenever I knew the camera was not filming my face, I drove my eyes s to him. And when it happened, I got instantly wet. My partner later told me she was really surprised how wet I was, since I'm not a real lesbian. When I saw him discretely caressing his cock- that was noticeably hard - I came truly, madly and deeply while she was rubbing my cunt with her swollen clit."

"The scene didn't have any plot. Usually these are the most difficult to perform, since you don't have much time to get in the mood - when you get to do it at all. But the mood was already set. I was having my hair done and still wearing the pair of jeans I left home with. He  came to me and asked if I wanted to have some foreplay before the shooting. He was not making fun nor being naive: he was being polite and sexy, without being aggressive. Well, maybe it would, in real life, but not in the fantasy we're filming here. I turn on my dildo to figure how would this foreplay be. Would he want me to suck him, would he suck me or just offer me a back rubbing. I guess he would start from the back rubbing. A great one with that incredible hands, that went down to my body and became an embrace from behind... But instead, he asked me if he could see me fingering myself. I agred and he asked if I could do that now."

"I said okay. I took off my jeans and panties, and sit on a white chair, spreading my legs. He was just watching. I didn't take my blouse off, but freed my tits out of the neckline. I grabbed it with my hands and licked the tip of my own nipples. I could feel my clit getting hotter and my pussy getting wet, so I beging to pinch it softly with my long red nails."

"I was looking him in the eye and noticed he was touching his cock. I licked my lips in approval. I let him seen me fucking myself with my fingers in every hole and then he took his dick out to wank. I wanted that cock on my mouth immediately, but we should save our energy for the filming. It was time only for warm up..."

         Back to the reality of my lonely room, I am also leg spreaded, half naked, dripping wet. That'no no foreplay, I'm not getting his dick inside me tonight so, my immagination, my fingers and my toy will at least fool my senses for a while. The dildo is not as big nor  thick  as he is. Definitely isn't hotter and pulsating as he is, but I´m already almost cumming only of imagining him here, wanking his delicious boner in front of me.Oh... "Do it until you cum all over my pussy.."! The imagine of my cunt all covered in his hot load was too much to  take along with that dildo vibrating against my asshole and the butterfly touch of my fingertips to my clit. The vibrator was expelled when I came and I felt a shock to my nipples when it happened... And now I truly wanted to finish the story of the porn movie, but I got so tired I guess it's better leave it for a next opportunity.

         Well, maybe to write and masturbate simultaneously might be a great ploting idea, but in practice, it´s now proved to be pretty unproductive...

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