Saturday, November 17, 2012

Here you make, here you pay...

It was past midnight when I left the office last night. For the first time since I started working I seriously thought about leaving my desk and simply walk out that office. Things were really hard, but we fought strong and we made it, and me and my friend even allowed ourselves the luxury of going home by taxi - paid by the company, of course.
I arrived home , got under my warm covers, turned up the TV to watch " NDA - Salassapitosopimus".  It was sure over 1:30 a.m, when I listen to my mom knocking my door, saying my friend was there to pick me up to work.

What? How come? How could the alarm didn't ring? She didn't send any message? Was it really saturday?

Mom entered my room, saying again my friend was already there. How come? I asked myself then if all that celebration, the taxi trip and our happiness about finally closing the week and off for a four day holidays, were actually just a dream. "Are you sure that she's here?" - I asked - "Absolutely, your father already went to answer the door."

I asked myself then if the dream wasn't actually that moment. Maybe I had slept in the middle of the movie, and was now dreaming. So, what now? I have no idea, but didn't bother getting up. "I'm sorry, but if she's there, she can leave without me, for no way I'm leaving my bed right now."
But it wasn't a dream. What actually happened is that I did fell asleep while I was watching the movie. And about 8 hours passed by until the moment my mom knocked.

But it wasn't my friend who rang the doorbell: it was someone else, the mailman, I guess. And my mom presumed it was my friend because of the honk that came right before the doorbell. And since she didn't knew whether I was working saturdays or not - I had already worked the entire holiday - she came to call me.

Well, she came back again to explain and apologize. Well, I wouldn't be mad at her for it, but anyway, my sleeping was ruined. I got up and went after some breakfast. If my mom was actually playing me an April Fool´s Day trick, it would be quite a good one, but it is November 17th and she's not even that kind of troll.
     - So - I asked my mom - Did you remember taking my camera yesterday to gradma's?
    -Yes - she said - But... I didn't take any pictures with it.
    -Why not? I wish so much I was there, but I was at that damn office, I wanted to see the pictures...
    - I had to took it with my cell phone - she said - because when I turned on the camera, it somehow was showing a picture of you where you were...well...uh... - she didn't knew how to say. I tried to remember where I last used the camera. It was on my little cousin's birthday party. I was wearing a deep neckline that might had tricked me on the picture, or something. - I even laughed at mom - "But it wasn't any naked pictures of me, right?"
    -No but...well, it wasn't something I could show your brother or cousin if I gave someone to fix the camera for me... and since  I don't know how to change it from the "play" funcion.. I gave up.

I just laughed and finished eating before  I take my camera to see the picture she was talking about. Fuck me if it wasn't the last of that - THAT - pictures I took the other day. That ones I sent Red.
Great, now my mom knows I ever took naked pictures of myself in the mirror. Worse, she knows I've been recently done that, since the pictures are actually after the birthday pictures that was just a few weeks ago. And to be sincere, I am pretty sure she knows where that pictures ended up.
And I wonder if Scarlet Johansson felt as embarassed as me the day her mirror naked pictures went public. Okay, her pictures made it to the news, but mine went straight from inside my camera to my mom's eyes. Very disconcerting to say the least, pretty typical of happening to me..!

One more day in Hamalka's life

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