Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tea for two

 - That one?
 - What do you think?
 -She's not likely to be into this kind of stuff...
 -It's not about  this kind of stuff, baby... - I laughed - it´s about this kind of stuff - I made him notice, getting my hand full on his pack. I licked his lips and left him alone. I walked to the bar counter, where she was sitting by herself.

 - A Jäger shot - I ordered out loud to make myself noticed. I took the half second opportunity of her glance to ask - "What are you having?"  "A red fruit cocktail" - she answered. " So I´m having one aswell. Make it another for her, too.".
The bartender nodded. "Thanks" - she said. 

- My name is Hamalka..I noticed you are alone.
-Yes, since the gig was on a weekday, it seems that my friends are not as fanatics as I am...
-Why don't you come sit with us, then? - I invited. She took her glass and followed me. I went straight to the table, sitting by his side and turning fast enough to notice that she stucked a few steps away from the seats, mesmerized by him.

- Good night, have a seat - he said to her. - "He won´t bite you" - I laughed - "I promise" - He said. I was biting his neck myself.
-Would be great... - she dared to mumble.
-Can be arranged. - He blinked. But soon we were talking amenities about the gig, the bar, the night and the society. We kept the drinks coming. She was sitting on the other side at the table while I was by his side, already feeling my pussy drooling with his fingers caressing it from over my panties. In fact, we weren't being too careful on the flirting, on purpose. When a drop of my drink fell on my neckline, he licked it off. And when offered his own cocktail for us to taste, he first rubbed the straw  gently on my lips before shoving it on my mouth, as if it was his hard cock. He also made some insinuations passing the straw on her lips and looking straight to her eyes while she sucked the drink. Yeah, she was in.

After that, she left to the toilet and he said, teasing my ear and pushing my hand to his pants " Chill out. As soon as I can walk without showing, we´re leaving." - I laughed: his pants were about to explode. He dipped his finger in my pussy and gave me to suck it, then tasted my juicy flavour with a deep wet french kiss.
When the girl came back he made noticed that the bar was closing and we were intending to go home, where we still had some nice bottles to empty. "Why don´t you join us?" - I invited, pretty sure by then she'd accept. We three took a cab to our hotel, where after the first glass of wine and after a few minutes of shallow fun conversation, he went to take a shower, according to the script. Leaving us girls by ourselves and in silence. But there were no innocents there.

- You seem to be a bit shaky - I said to her, maliciously touching her neckline as fixing it.
-I'm bit nervous.
-Don't be.- I said, already with a hand full on her breasts- I won't bite you either.

 I opened her blouse, uncovering her breasts and licked her hard pink nipples. She grabbed my hair and moaned, getting loose on her shyness second by second. I unzipped the upper part of my dress and made her suck my nipples too, while we caressed each others pussies. Mine was already flooded from the bar teasing, and hers was just starting to drip. I explored it softly, minding my long nails, grabbing her clit in between two fingers and sliding my hand all the way between her legs.

 I noticed the running water sounds had stopped for a while by then, and it was no surprise when I noticed he was silently watching us from the shadow he emerged from, wearing only a towel around this waist, as I was sitting leg-spreaded on the couch, having a girls tongue all over my cunt.  He approached and let me get rid of the towel that couldn't hide that pulsating erection. He positioned my face before gagging me with that hot dick, grabbing my breasts. "Don't stop" - he said to the girl - " Open up her pussy and suck her clit hard, I wanna see it."
He was pinching and slapping my boobs and her tongue and fingers were playing with my pussy and caressing my ass. I had my eyes wide opened to him, feeling that huge cock being forced down my throat while my pussy was being violently kissed and masturbated by the definitely experienced hands of another woman. I pulled her up, gotta feel that whole light body on top of mine, the breasts squeezing together, her long hair touching my skin.  She seemed thirsty to suck up that cock too, and I offered it to her in my hands.
We were both kneeled at his feet, open mouthed while he fed us with his majestic meat. A little bit each. She sucked his head while I delicatedly sucked his balls. I could feel her breasts touching mine while we shared the taste of his cum.

She laid down at the couch, I climbed on her. We were both dripping wet, and the contact of her hard clit againtst mine was irresistible. We started tribbing, my tits bouncing against hers. Mr. Red came from behind us. I could feel one hand grabbing my ass, with a fingertip playing in my asshole while he squezzed harder my hips against hers. I knew he was fingering her ass too. At some point he had his finger inside her and his tongue inside me. Then I felt his fingers and heard her moanings go louder. I bet he had his tongue deep inside her pussy and was drinking from her. Our pussies were superwet, I was getting crazy of sliding it together up and down his cock. Our clits were on fire and Mr. Red was slowly stocking one pussy at a time. He fucked me hard, than shoved his cock to her pussy, grabbing us both by the hips. And to my pussy again.
Then I turned her upside down, the sixty nine style. She would suck my clit as a slut and I spreaded her whole and was eating that pussy as a hungry tigress. Red watched that for a moment, as if choosing in that position he'd be. With his dick in his hand, he came to me. "Suck it hard, and then let me fuck her." I felt it growing bigger and hotter in my mouth , then with my hand I guided it to her pussy.

."Fuck her, shove it hard inside her pussy, I´ll be watching closely". And I was actually amazed of how much of flesh he was shoving inside the girl. She tried to scream, but I shut her pressing my hips against her face, and she paid it back by dipping two fingers to my asshole at once. I was drooling and sucking her clit while Red pulled and pushed his dick on her. His hands eventually slapt my butts. All of a sudden and fast, he changed places. I heard him asking her to keep me opened, for he wanted me to take him in the ass as she sucked my cunt.
And I came squirting on her face while I felt his cock ripping me up while that slut french kissed my pussy. He was fucking my ass, my cunt, her mouth,  watching us masturbate each other, taking turns in between our legs. We were both giving him head, licking his dick until the last drop of cum get spilled, like female animals we are. Our little dirty orgy had its champagne climax, and in a few seconds we were lying exhausted with him in the middle, arms around us both like a sultan.

In the middle of the night I'd feel his whole body spooning me. I woke up little surprised, and without opening his eyes, he softly smiled and kissed my shoulder.
And I knew when two people complete, there´s no room left for jealousy.

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