Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Come closer" -she whispered. "I got a whole lot of surprises to you"
"Back off" -he said. "You´re drunk." - as if she had anything to regret the morning next.
She slowly took her clothes off. " I'm good enough to enjoy you...every single inch". With this words she untied his belt, his pants - and in a glimpse she had him on her mouth. All that she wanted - the taste that lasts forever - was hers to enjoy. A love for life, sex to  how long human body can take- and respect forever. Where was the magic this life should give us all humans- on her hands, in her lips, she'd give herself to that moment if only that could mean the lifetime of a butterfly. Pure dream, pure wonder, would to be all over you tonight...
Obsession: a word that could easily describe her if not love and the need of knowing such an unique person in this life. "What did you do to me?" "Nothing" - would be the answer she feared of.
"Come.." - she´d beg him in a highlight of desire while knowing it was too out of reach to taste. "Can´t" - that would be everything he could say on a moment that nothing seemed fair.
And this goes on forever, whenever dreams find a way to be dreamed...Chariots of hopes have been passing by and still nothing could stop her heart. While her tongur softly caressed him she thinks it´s her he's been dreaming of.
"Don't stop"-she begs, feeling her moment arriving. "Why?" He'd question, not sure what to expect. "Because I'm feeling, the music is coming and I never had a chance to listen it properly."

He´d fuck every inch of her praying in the morning she would gone. All she dreamed was him to e by her side. Love is complicated and no one can ever say one lived long enough to testify. "Why things had to be like this?"-she asked.

And he was not there to answer.

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