Saturday, November 10, 2012

Controversial cauliflower

Ah... I love this narrow minded people I was lucky enough to be born among. I love to open the saturday morning newspaper and notice that one of the main headlines is about some media celebrity's intimate plastic surgery. "I always wanted to do it, I had a cauliflower, but now I have the vagina of my dreams!"
I almost sprayed my coffee out on that amazing statement. Well, maybe it should not be that amazing. Because fact is that most of the girls I know under 40 had already gone into surgery for a purely esthetical reason. Boobjobs, liposuction and nosejobs mainly, but also some ear reduction, butt-lifting and lip-filling.
Intimate surgery is not that buzz. Some - not one or a couple, but some - celebrities assumed to had done, even that infamous "virgin again" intervention. I can't think about anything more useless than this. To waste money and bear pain just to...ruin it all in a second. Gee, that´s beyond fetish, even for me.

News like this makes me sad. Vanity makes me sad. - the fact of such an useless thing about  a girl who is nothing : not an actress, not a singer not anything but a mediatic celebrity that came to be knowed after a random inccident - could make headlines. If it does, it because these headlines sells. Not as a "bizarre" news, but as normal "entertainment section"

And to think about my future as an old lady in a society where I am already misplaced as a young woman, makes me sad in a way. I don't want to be lonely. On the other hand, maybe being a twisted granny would make me more appealing...

By the way I never noticed what kind of vegetable my vagina looks like. Actually I don't think it's specially pretty or ugly, never got any complaints on it. Now it got me wondering...

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