Wednesday, November 21, 2012


... I've noticed that I don't have much time anymore to write about things that crosses my mind every now and then. I still think there is so much to see and comment on this world, and still somehow when I sit to write something, a lot of bullshit comes out. Not counting my erotic outbursts: how many times I caught myself thinking about some nice subject to develop on this blog, and I end up opening up the dangerous gates of my sexual imagination. Guess I have a dirty mind...
Or else, I end up complaining about my job. "Come on , girl, if this shit is so bad, why don't you just quit it at once? " Well, now I sure will: imagine you guys that they hired a lady just to read the stuff we write before it goes online. In another words: a Quality Control that works. And today I knew she hated my "square design dice,  with details in little round dots". Yeah, maybe it was a bad joke, but believe me: you would do anything to drive out of the boredom if your life was to describe - usually useless - fancy products. What were they expecting me to say about a fucking dice, anyway, to make it "sound" sophisticated? I was just giving it some glittering description...

Then, here I am again: I have time and opportunity to think and write about anything in the world, but still there is this childish song playing on my head. I won't bother to translate it here, and I guess it might be something from my country, but it´s about an alligator (!!) that buys a chair to his girl friend, only because he went to a market and didn't know what to buy. Sounds legit. I must be getting insane.
In a few days it will complete one year since my marriage ended. Time sure went fast. I think about how my life changed since then. To better, mostly. But one year ago I just couldn't believe it would. I am thankful - very thankful - because all the blessings I got in the meanwhile were sure a gift from the sky. I fought, I sure did, but the best came from grace. I'm just so lucky sometimes.

And slowly I learn there's a season for everything.

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