Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Home drunk

Okay, let´s see.. this is another one of that posts I´m writing with too much booze on my mind to bother about grammar and stuff.
Today the company I work for decided to have an anniversary party and I probably had too much to drink, I remeber having three drinks, but my friend said I had four, what-evrer, who´s counrting.
I am laughng my as off while I write this because I am making a whole lot of mistakes, butI won't correct any, I probably shouldn´t be writing after having three or four drinks, but whateer I´m wrting becase I ant to and now I need to go to te toilt, buuuuut... I guess tthere´s no paper and thats ...wait.

okay, i´m way better noe or I took of that outfit that was squeezig me and now I can go on properly though I have nonidea what I was writong about.

this is so fucking funny, I am stil writing this and now the whole world will knoow I´ve been dnkinjg, not tat I care since the booze was paid ad I have nooooooone to answer to, but still... Damn, tomorrow I´ll havea disgraceful hangover and I will have to work... well, fuck, I guess my boss knows whee I hae nbeen.

See you, thi is gettig wierd...

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