Monday, November 19, 2012

Black and white sex fantasy

Tonight, I'd like to dance. In a dark room, red lights, the cheapest burlesque possible. Let us make it a scenario: he would be wearing a mafia outfit. Al Capone style, with the hat and the cigar - That would be hellish sexy. I would also be wearing pearls, gloves, maybe feathers. A 1945 dish. Pleasuring him with a vintage lap dance. I have no idea what it would be playing, maybe something like Johnny Mercer. I'd dance and strip slowly, looking at his eyes while he tasted his cigar and drank sips of scotch. And wearing nothing but my jewelry, long stockings and high heels, I'd sit on his lap making him smell my perfume. And let him rub that urging erection against me. Only a dance, where I can touch him, but he can't touch me. I lead his hands to my breast, my waist, my moisted legs. I put my leg up to his shoulders, and lie upside down on his lap, spreading my legs wide open. My eyes inviting him to finger me, and he starts as a gentleman, making sure I had an overwelming orgasm before asking me to suck his cock until he cum in my mouth. And I didn't miss a drop.

I'd like to dance tonight...But after having this scene in my mind, I guess I can expect another long night of erotic dreamings and lonely moanings..

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