Thursday, November 22, 2012

Late night games

            His touch is something magical that has the power of making everything right. And while his eyes were the lights to follow, I surrended to feeling of being in heaven, while the whole world collapsed outside the hotel windows. No worries, no bad deeds could enter that room where time stood still to watch our bodies embraced, dancing to a music that was only playing inside our hearts. He took off my blouse kissing me all over, as if it was the first time he was having me whole. He pulled me up and laid me down on the bed, covering me up with his shirtless body. I felt his hair touching my face and smiled back to that smile that could save one's soul with grace. No one is sexier, there's no one I could love more.

             I unbottoned his pants, he unlocked my bra. He held my breasts with both hands, kissing and sucking gently as I moaned. His lips snapped on my skin, and his heavy breathing were making me even more aroused, as I felt his hard on against my legs. I freed him from his jeans and wrapped him up with my legs, putting our heartbeats together. He was whispering in my ear, teasing me with his tongue as his hands pulled off my panties, so I could wet his dick on my juice. Biting my lips in delight when he locked my arms up my head, still caressing my pussy with his cock I couldn't wait to have inside me. I bounced my hips against him, made it wetter, made it hotter. "You're hungry" - he smiled. "I could eat you whole" - I answered.

              He climbed up on me, putting one knee each side of my head. He looked amazingly huge, looking down to me with the sweetest expression. I smiled as he softly passed his knob on my face. "Bad girl..." - I said. "My kind of girl."
I kissed his balls, sucking it gently. Licking all over between his legs to where my tongue could reach. Going up and down his cock with my hands, feeling the blood going through it, making it hotter, even harder, ready to fill me.
He rolled me over, I pulled my hips up, I was bitching for doggy style. Felt as banged by a horse when he first got cock deep on me. Slowly and strongly, until I was fulfilled, and then he squeezed as if he could go any further. I contracted him inside me, started swinging my hips as if dancing, while he grabbed my tiny ass, spreading it up, I knew what to wait for. From the mirror on the dresser I could see him bonded to my body, pullin that hot meat in and outside me, roaring as I moaned, he gave me his fingers to suck, choking me before stretching my asshole, one finger at a time. I screamed out loud in a painful pleasure, muffling the higher cries with my face against the pillows. Slow and deep. Faster and deeper, he was banging me, slapping my butt, talkin it rough and loud, I'd cry to each time he'd stuff me. I was almost there when he asked - and his voice was sure changed - "Are you ready?" 

"Give it all to me!" - I screamed as he took off his cock from my pussy and banged me in the ass, making me squirt at his very first attack. For ten seconds I felt my whole body squirming, but he'd keep me strongly held, now his roaring was getting louder, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum..!" - and I felt that hot wave invading me, he was pulsating inside me, injecting me with that sweet load, I felt his legs were trembling. We both collapsed, still entwined, panting and laughing. He took my hair off my face, kissed my shoulder. I had a wide open smile, we were more complicit than ever.

-What are you laughing about? - he asked, as if he wasn't laughing himself.
-I won, I came first..!
-Didn't know we were competing...
-Do you want a rematch?
-I don't think that would be fair play right now...

Again, morning would come from between the curtains. And once more, I fell asleep on that arms I love, to wake up later to a reality better than my fairest dreams.

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