Sunday, April 15, 2012

About apple pies and drunk grocery with your parents

Just for you to know and envy, yesterday´s lunch was a bliss. We went to this healthy vegetarian food restaurant, of course I have been as healthy as nuclear waste, but that was pretty good for a change. Here is what a non-fat, low-sugar, fiber-rich dessert looks like

These are apples cooked in wine, covered with chopped nuts, grains and fibers. My new favourite afterlunch pleasure.
 After that I came home and there was nobody in the house, so I decided to open a bottle of wine and share some thoughts with myself, waiting for Mr. Red to show up at some point, but instead, my parents showed up to take me to grocery shopping. I was already slightly drunk. Ok, maybe too drunk to face grocery shopping with my folks. What to do, now? I couldn´t just make up an excuse, so I went: it was the funniest grocery ever, and I ended up buying a lot of unecessary stuff just because that´s pretty much me: when I get drunk I get rich,too. Since I wasn´t at a bar and couldn´t buy my friends another round of beer, I went to the department section of the store and bought everything I thought I will need at some point later this year.

Why save money? I bet the Mayans were right. This world won´t survive December 21th.

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