Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random rudeness

Okay, here are some of the things I want to say today. Read carefully. There might be something that specially interests you.

* "I´m sorry, dear, but he doesn´t love you. If you had ever been really loved, you´d know the difference. "

* "That´s not how you make money, and if you think you´re going anywhere in your career by doing like this, you´re making it very wrong. To be a good professional, the least you´ll have to do is your job. Get real, you´re too fucking lazy to be ambitious."

* "I regret to inform you that you´re not as beautiful as you think you are. And you´re truly a terrible person from inside. Actually I feel sad that society cherishes people like you that cares lots more about what money can buy than what heart can afford."

* "Go have some coffee or mints, for your breathe could easily kill a dragon."

* "You know what? I envy you, and not at all in a positive way. Not that I am unhappy with my life, but if I had half the opportunities you had, I´d be lightyears ahead now. Of you, inclusive."

* "It actually makes me laugh the way you think you scare me. I´ve seen ugliest monsters, I´m not afraid of you, baby..."

* "Put some clothes on, bitch."

Wait for updates soon.



  1. Oh, no. Do not spread this hate... you are such a cute pie!

  2. Hardly spreading, dissipating.
    I bet not one single moron who deserved to read it actually did.


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