Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life sucks, my friend..!

Truly it kinda disgusts me when I see an ugly, poor and bit megalomanic guy facebooking about how women should look, behave, wear and think to deserve to be admired by him.
You have the right to think that girls nowadays might be too vulgar, fake or shallow. You don´t want to lower your standards, that´s okay.
Just don´t expect the lousy women you know to do the same and end up involved with a guy like you.

So intelligent, romantic, faithful...and butt ugly as hell.


  1. Ah, no, do not lose the focus of this blog:) haha we don't care about your ugly facebook friend.

    1. Since the "focus" of this blog is just being an online plataform of my sick thoughts and fantasies, I´d say it´s pretty convenient to talk about my butt ugly facebook friend here...Specially because I doubt he´ll ever read this.

      Not only for porn sweet Hamalka was built. Rage and hypocrisy makes great posts too.


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