Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Mourning

The worst kind of monday are these following a long holiday, like easter. Specially like it was this one: wild as my life haven´t been for over 5 years by now. Not that I got wasted and sang " We Are The Champions" on the pool table of a sideroad bar, or something. But I did drink, dance and was awake for more than the usual. On saturday I went to a friends place when I enjoyed a whole evening of feasting and games. My host dished me with Goldschläger, a swiss cinnamon liquor with actual gold flakes on it. Half an hour later, I was a goddess of that 30-floor modern Valhalla.

I got home with the first sunlight, but still didn´t go straight to bed. I was feeling inspired and went on working on some of my projects for another two hours or so. Smoked a few cigarettes, had a couple of coffee cups, and that started to get absurd, for soon I´d have to leave and meet a friend for lunch. Then I decided to go to bed and play with my sex toys until I get tired enough to pass out. A shame I have no sex toys, and sure as hell, no playmates.

Just the old threesome: Mr.Hand, Mr. Red and me.

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