Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sexual hunger

I dunno why, but I´ve been feeling way too horny these days. Well, actually I do know why: I haven´t been having sex since my marriage went to hell and it´s been forever ago. I decided that since I am older, wiser and sure way better in some tricks and treats about sex, even my vagina deserves to be selective. Happened that sex turned out to be something so complicated in my life that I decided I could do perfectly fine with my imagination and Internet. You wouldn´t believe in the things you can find online. This boring blog is just the very tip of the iceberg.

I like porn. I don´t know and I don´t mind if it´s common taste for girls, but I do. I can watch that for hours and I will always find something that turns me on. And I´m not going too bionasty on that. I like overage guy-girl sex in pretty much all variations. Not into violence, but excited about bondage as a game play. In real life, as many girls I know, I have pretty strong sentimental issues about sharing my guy with other girls - stronger actually than the idea of just me with a girl. I looooove romance. But with sex makes a perfect relationship.

Thing is that right now I don´t have either romance nor sex. I do have someone that turns me on: his name is Mr. Red, my immaginary sex friend, and he lives only in my mind.

Yes, I had deep immaginary friends issues when I was a kid which I never overcame, so don´t be so admired that now I have an immaginary sex friend. He´s handsome, he´s intelligent, he´s extremely fucking sexy , he has a huge dick and sure knows how to use it. He´s everything a girl would want and he´s all mine in my mind - while old Mr. Hand takes care of the body effort.

I don´t intend to turn this into a freaking erotic blog, but I´ll probably talk more about my adventures with Mr. Red later, when I´m all fullfilled with liquor candy and can´t find nothing really exciting on porntube. But for right now, better stop here. I don´t want to scare away the ghosts that are reading my blog.

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