Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Present from the past

Not even seven in the morning, I´m smoking and drinking coffee (real coffee). That´s a very healthful way of starting a wednesday...
I´m also facebook chatting with a friend I haven´t met for 10 years and with whom I share quite an interesting story of a lifetime. That made me think a lot. Ten years is a very significant period when it´s right from 20s to 30s. It sets a stage, closes a cycle. I-cycle.
Yes, I grew up a bit, or a lot if you prefere. It doesn´t matter since there will always be more to learn than we possibly could in just a lifetime. I like the way things went afterall - could be worse- and I did live a lot of things some people spend their whole lifes just dreaming about. But right now tastes like 10 years ago. Not only because I met this friend who inspired me these memories, but I have been living this decade flashback through quite a lot of some other people and situations.

This kind of weird stuff happens a lot to me: Déja vu´s and premonitions, and this creepy clear sensation of knowing exactly where things are going, or finding in the past the exact point where the present started. I hate talking about this because that makes me sound all fucked up in my mind. It shouldn´t, since for absurd it may sound, I am an spiritualized person. But what I found is that even among quite religious people, most people just think I´m dellusional or kidding. But in every of these crazy moments of my life, I was never alone, what I am thankful for that. I guess that if I had no friends to confirm some of the things I´ve been living through, I´d think myself as the biggest fucking liar ever.

I sure told a lot of stupid teenage lies in my life. And none of them where ever more interesting than the true real life stories I can tell any of you. - And I know many of you can tell about me. I feel a very strong connection with most people who are important part of my life now, and with most of them I shared one of this stories. I´m just plain me, but I´ve been less than 5 meters away from the president of the United States - and this is just the dumbest exeample I could find of weird situations I end up into. I´ve been among leaders and exceptionally talented people, I´ve made friends that not all the gold in the world would replace, I´ve met incredible people and places I didn´t even know that exist - and I´m wonderfully thankful for that. I wish I could even write their names here, few they are , but I won´t for privacy matters. Any of them who read this will know who they are. I like to think I am good doing "in jokes" and in making myself open to anyone and clear to those who know me.

And if you don´t, what the heck are you doing here..?

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