Saturday, April 28, 2012

Before the day ends

Saturday night is just beginning for those who have a life. I have a job, so when everybody else is dreaming about marrying the night, I´m getting ready to get in bed with nothing or no one else than my satin sheets.

-You know there´s a lot of stuff happening out there that you´d enjoy taking part...
-Knowing this won´t pay my bills or make me feel any better.
-Maybe this will do, then.

He came and kissed me gently. Smiled - and melted my heart. Another kiss, deeper, wetter, I felt my body starting to get aroused, my hands getting tense on his back, but he still held me tenderly. Slowly we moved together as if we were dancing. I almost didn´t notice he was undressing me, and have no idea how he got undressed too, without ever stop kissing me. He laid me down, whispering  the words of a song I know well. His voice was a caress itself and every breath was a step foward to paradise. I was totally surrendered to the point I felt something really different when he came into me. Not that anxiety I always felt, nor that urgency in having our sweaty bodies together, and sure not that tremendous feeling when they suddenly get apart after an overwhelming orgasm. It all happened as if the whole world stood still just for that moment. All I could hear was his voice and the soft sound of the rain outside.

I opened my eyes and he was looking at me. I felt a tear rolling down, I don´t even know why. My body was satisfied, but my heart was even more fulfilled. I felt warm inside as if praying for that moment to never end...

No matter how much sex we have, making love always feels like the first time.

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