Saturday, April 28, 2012

Open smoke

So yesterday was truly lame. I had a ton of things to do and not a single one worked out. Well, actually ONE did, after I insist a lot and that almost cost my sanity: got the last settlements for my Lonelymoon done, now it´s only a matter of waiting.

Then, after this whole fucked up day I went to the tobacco shop, bought two of my favourite cigars, cigarettes, aromatics for the narghile and went home in order to try to blow my lungs off. In despite of all the efforts I couldn´t even get a sore throat, but my head wasn´t working at all, and I´ll blame it on my poisonous narghile. I´m actually glad I didn´t have the brilliant idea of coming here to post something. It could hurt even the ones who are already getting used to my complete lack of finesse. And I´m glad I didn´t drink either. Let´s just put things like this: when I´m in that kind of mood and have a drink, there´s a 88% chance of me turning into actions, phone calls or publishings a lot of stupid things that yesterday I was only thinking and laughing about. I´m not that kind of person that drinks alone in silence. I´m an out loud drunk.

Up to noisy embarassments.

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