Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Earlyautumn´s Night Dream

That´s a thing you guys will probably never know, but one of the worst things about cold weather is that our nipples hurt. Even if they´re perfectly covered, if my hands are freezing, it feels like my nipples are freezing too. And this is seldom a good sensation.

I´m closing today´s job with a blue note of who could had done better. Couldn´t get rid of this blue feelings. I need to get laid. I mean, really get laid, not having this stealthy late at night dates with Mr. Red under the covers.

Well, actually we´ve been more together in the shower, lately. I should had this idea earlier today also and had a shower with Mr. Red in the morning, before start working. That would sure had made my day a little brighter at least. I shiver only in remembering the soft touch of his skin....

...or maybe it´s the damn cold weather outside that is giving me the chills. Should be, for now. It´s not past 10 p.m yet , so no bedtime story for you, naughty..!

Although for me it works the well said... "With great sex, comes great responsability..!" And I´m not talking about getting someone pregnant here. I´m rather trying not to get married.

Unless Mr. Red asks me again.

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