Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I had quite a strange day today. From the moment I (didn´t) open my eyes (and woke up late as hell) everything went so catastrophically wrong that at some point I yelled out loud (yes, there´s no other way to yell, I know) and scared the hell out of my mother. And probably, the neighbours too. But I don´t mind them: they all know how twisted I can be sometimes. Yeah, I´m a proud member of the local "Addam´s Family". Come check this out.

 I was pretty sure I´d get fired today. I had that feeling from my first contact with the guy who´s leading the project I´m part of. I had for sure he hated me. Not in a personal way, of course. But he wasn´t in the mood to have someone like me in his team. And I definitely wouldn´t want to work with him, but that´s what will pay for my Lonelymoon. So, I sure don´t want to get fired.

The guy was obviously putting a huge effort on the purpose of driving me nuts. I censored the graphic description of every little torturing minute there, but in the end of the day he finally came to talk to me about what we were supposed to had been talked ages ago.

And at some point we realized we lived only few meters away for some time in a very distant place. I mean: very distant. From both our homelands. That was sure the "Master WTF" of the week...After that, things got way better somehow. Even my professional point of views were better accepted from that moment on.

Empathy. It operates miracles and is the key to any doors.

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