Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oops, I did it again..!

I lied to someone very dear to me. But only because I didn´t want to break anyone´s heart in saying what I really think about the situation. The point is that I couldn´t tell the truth that she wouldn´t stand: the guy she has a crush on is definitely no beauty. No sexy. No cute. No...nothing!! (okay, maybe smart as hell, couldn´t tell *rhyme allert!*), but still...just in looking at him, I think she sure could come up with something way better than that.
Ugly people, please forgive me, but beauty is an essential... I won´t be no hypocrite in saying that "love is blind" and stuff like that, because the point is that everyone knows by experience (unless is a very young person, and in this case get the fuck outta here before your mom notices) that when we´re in love we just tend to see the positive facts about the loved one, and this extend to her/his looks too. For example: if your dick is big enough, I sure won´t notice your beer belly. So, part of being in love is also actually believing you´re seeing beauty, not just responding to your sexual hormones discharge dellusions.

C´mon, girl, you´re not perfect, but definitely should enjoy better what shall turn back into dust. I dunno about you, but I like it with lights on.

And mirrors.

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