Sunday, April 22, 2012

Light my fire

Only I know how much I fought against it. But there I was again, dressed in lace and silk, only one thought in my mind. I could almost hear his voice.

"You´re astonishing, my dear..!"

I closed my eyes, trying not to cry. He approached and touched my shoulders, as real as it can be.

"Go away."
"You don´t want me to leave."
"I need to."

He slided his hand through the side of my body, hugging my waist and slowly leaning his head to my shoulders. I went a step foward, freeing myself from the embrace. Didn´t turn my head, didn´t look at the mirror reflex. I didnt have to look anywhere to see his eyes. Never had.

"What´s wrong?"

I was. Desperately clinging to his lips I accepted the kiss and everything that came next. If regrets are to everybody, I´d have my share to mourn the rest of my life, but not that night. All I wanted was to get lost in his eyes, his skin, his touch, get all fucking torn apart by the huge sexual power he has over me. I could feel it against my thighs, my tights, my gosh..!

-Ma´am? Is everything fine in there? - the saleswoman asked from outside the dressing room.Reality calls.

"I´ll be out in a minute!"
"Did you like the nightgown? I can show you some other models."
"This one is fine, I´ll take it."

Mr. Red was gone. And left me wet, as always.


  1. we were missing mr red stories(:-

  2. Me too. He has been very busy to show up.
    Despite of the fact Mr. Red is just imaginary, he´s still a man.


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