Monday, April 30, 2012

Back to the old style

Okay: this was getting way too sweet and boring, and truly, I don´t want you ghostly readers to think this will soon turn into a damn teenage-girlie blog. I´d kill myself before it. So I better find something nasty to complain about instead of sharing my innermost feelings with the world. Even because I know you naughty guys are only interested about my sex adventures with my imaginary friend, and to keep these running as it should I can´t call him all the time, or else that´s what you get: imaginary love stories. Not my fault: he´s just too perfect not to fall in love with. And just too imaginary for me not to be afraid of it.

So maybe from now on I´ll stuck to my dildo in case of emergency, for at least a week. It´s concrete, it´s guaranteed and there´s no danger of me falling for him, since it´s also so fast we don´t even have time to engage on a dialogue.

4:20 in the morning. In less than 5 minutes I´ll cum and fall asleep.

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