Friday, April 13, 2012

Gotta get down on Friday 13th

Wide awake for a whole new day of adventures being just plain Hamalka-me. Again, I´m smoking before 7 a.m . Well, I wouldn´t think it´s weird if I was still at a bar or something, so I guess I shouldn´t worry about this kind of conventions. I knew a guy who was so alcoholic that on saturdays, from the time he wakes up he keeps on watching the clock, waiting for 10 o´clock so he can have a beer. Even when he´s home alone he does so, for he strongly thinks that what makes you an alcoholic or not, it´s the fact you have beer or not before 10 a.m .And, believe me, this guy is no teenager, and looks pretty sane and wealthy to society. Hes a very well succeeded businessman, father and husband. And alcoholic. But who´s to say so?

Today, things are going to be little different here, because we´re going through this changes and there´s a schedule to run. But still I hope I can come up with you guys later to shitty - chat a little bit more. This blog is part of my daily mental hygiene: as necessary as to brush my teeth or wipe my ass every now and then.

So, let´s get it started with some music to cheer up my day. I´m kinda in love with this song, so I´ll share this sweet piece of melody with all you folks that might be in need of some positive message.

Not that I had figured any fucking word of the lyrics nor bothered to know them...

Have a nice bad luck day!

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