Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The problem is not that my job sucks. The problem is it BITES.

It´s already bad enough when you have a whole day ahead full of stuff you don´t want to do, but have to. Fortunatedly for me these days comes eventually, and I get to plan it from the start to do everything in a nonstop roll and be able to count the minutes ´til all that crap is over, but...sometimes it just doesn´t work.
Mainly because some other people´s schedule didn´t.  That´s what I hate most in team working with people for whom I have no empathy. I can´t even say anything, because I don´t know how to approach someone who personally means nothing to me and thank them for fucking up my day. It´s nothing personal, it´s just a job. I don´t want you to hate me because of this, and believe me, I´m putting a huge effort in not hating you for the same reason.
I might be way too out-fashioned, but I truly believe that good team effort involves emphaty. And this is something that takes a little personal involvement to develop. But at the same time, corporate environments doesn´t encourage personal relationships. In fact it seems that they do anything to create a very particular, controlled kind of relations that I dislike a lot even because I can´t really understand. I´m way too sincere to live like that. That´s why I always end up being me at some point.

And that´s when I have to look for another job.

Maybe daddy is right afterall. I should give everything up and go sell healthy sandwiches at the beach. At least I could work in a bikini and no one would question my morals because of that.

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