Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is not for underaged

I´m starting to think that this blog was a pretty bad idea. I started that so I could have a place to write my mind without worrying about the kids and teens that know me from real life and like to read the stuff I blog. The point is that I don´t want any teenagers or even my own kids later on knowing they have an adult around who´s such a damn bad example from inside. And I sure as hell don´t want my friends to be thinking I´m teaching their kids to take a ride on the dark side. This is a privilege only stupid adults should have, duh.

But if any of you kids and teens managed to find your way to this blog and is able to figure this out, screw you too, you sure are grown up enough to deal with the fact ´lil auntie here also have her bad hair days and likes to get wasted every now and then, when there´s nobody around to see. Wanna know something? Never hide. Do all the teenage shit you wanna do in front of most people you can, because soon you´ll be an adult and won´t have any other excuses to act as if the world would end up tomorrow.

I hope it doesn´t. I didn´t get the outfit for the occasion yet.

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