Monday, April 9, 2012

F.G.I.M - You can figure this out by yourself

I knew I couldn´t be wrong that this day would go wrong from the start. I was woken up by late-night o´clock in the fucking morning, by a friend that came from other state and got lost on her way back to the airport. The point is that I live in a goddamn metropolis , and I´m not familiar with the airports whereabouts, since I only go there when needed - it´s more than 25 kilometers away, or so, in the middle of nowhere, when I have pretty much everything I could wish for in a two blocks distance or so.

Well, everything but peace and tranquility. Even in my room. I should remember to turn off the cell phone before I go to sleep.

I was planning to go back to my luscious wet dream with Mr. Red, but then again, my phone rang. My job seldom calls this early, and when it does, that´s because something really big (and bad) happened. Well, something really big (and bad) happened. Today. It had to be today.

After getting all ready to an important business event (a.k.a kicking some sorry asses at the office) I went all the way there (everything is fucking faraway when there´s so much traffic in the streets that you just go 1st to 2nd gear all the time) just to realize that things were worse than I expected and I had nothing else to do but give the whole day as lost and get ready not to loose tomorrow aswell. So, after a quick meeting I went all the way back to my office where a big goddamn personal problem was waiting. Way to go..!

Now I remember why I hate mondays.

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