Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who says there´s no EPIC FAIL?

Just because everybody is talking about it and I´ve been asked a few hundred times about my opinion on the Metal Open Air festival, here it goes: shit happens.
I consider myself an old school headbanger and I´ve been to shittier festivals all over, that in despite of all structural problems were kickass episodes, for we were up to anything as long as we could just dig the thrill of seeing and listening great live music. Nobody is expecting five-stars comfort, but when you fuck up with the music, that´s when we draw out the line.

 I´ve heard before that Brazil has the wildest audience and the lousiest organization of its great heavy metal scenario. A shame for a country that has given birth of such great bands as Sepultura and Claustrophobia. Hope soon the producers can make up with both the bands and their fans by giving Latin America a metal festival worth the greatness of the country.

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