Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Letting it out. Or so

Yeah, I know I should be working. I´m not, so fucking what? I was doing so from dawn to now, I think I deserve a break from that jobby thoughts.

I must confess that my job is making me bit down these days. Let´s say I work for Happy Inc. , where everything is supposed to be sweet, happy and perfect, pink and blue and cottom balls. You probably got that figured right. So, it´s a pretty nice and easy work to do when I´m light-mooded, but it can be the worse job in the world when I´m feeling like I am now. Anything but sweet and candyful. I´m actually half pissed off, half suicide sad and frustrated as a whole. And to keep on insisting in doing my job in a mood like that will certainly make me bipolar (as if I wasn´t already). I don´t want to be happy right now, I don´t need to, I don´t feel like it and I WON´T.  It´s my fucking blog anyway, and you´re just a click away from closing it and go mind your own business.

No worries, it will go away. But until them I have to take good care not to kill anyone in the process.

Gone fishing. Or fisting. Whatever.

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