Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunless sunday

Ah..! The early morning coffee and venom to start a whole new week. Yes, I´m that kind of people who understands sunday as the first day of the week in despite of mondays. It just makes me feel better to think the week starts with a typical lazy day, instead of all that fucking  metropolis rush.

Again, I woke up feeling like throwing up some facts on some people´s faces. You know, it´s very hard to be sincere to the ones we love. People are just so touchy. I know how it sucks to have our self esteem smashed by other people´s thoughts on our lives, but come on!  It´s not a matter of personality: if I´m doing something wrong, I expect at least someone to care about it. What the fuck, friends are not just to drive you home when you´re too wasted to walk on your own feet.

It´s not a secret to any reader of this shit that this sex dry spell is driving me sick and that I just have too many issues to just go there and fuck the first lucky bastard that crosses my way. Afterall I´m not a real bitch, just a regular girl who gets angry sometimes, and likes to masturbate a lot.

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